Technical Specifications of Antistatic Chair With Arms  

ESD safe chair is essentially designed for discharging the accumulated electrical charges for the operator during critical electronic assembly. 

  1. Height Adjustable
  2. With Arms
    Seat Size 18” x 18”
    Back Rest Size 17” x 19”
    Seat height from the floor min 19”
    Seat height from the floor max 24”
    The height of the Handle Adjustable maximum 12”
    The height of the Handle Adjustable minimum 9”
  3. Seat and backrest upholstered with ESD PVC leather which is low in maintenance and clean
  4. Colour of seat and backrest – black
  5. Seat type: Smooth revolving
  6. Cushion: 2” seat and backrest
  7. Structure of chair: Tubular M.S. with chrome plating
  8. Chair base: Chrome plated 5 stars M.S.Base with 1 ESD Castor & 4 Normal castors. Drag included in the center of the base.
  9. Height adjustable seat: Using Hydraulic Mechanism
  10. Tilting back seat: The back can be locked in vertical positioning

Electrical Properties:

1).        Seat & Backrest Surface

Point to Point surface resistance: < 107 Ohms
2).        Seat to Castor and Seat to Chair Base
Grounding chain resistance: < 107 Ohms

Antistatic Chair: Surface Resistivity of seat & back to the Ground 106 – 108 Ohms

Meets the ANSI ESD S20.20-2007 and EIA 625 Standards

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