Bosskey AV800 is advanced soldering station integrated with Hot air desoldering station and a suction tin soldering station.
1. Three stations can be used independently.
2. Each other interference.
3. Integrated contracted style designs.
4. Saves space.
5. Large LCD display.
6. Variety of information at a glance.

Functional Features:

1. The MCU control with high precision, three tools channel synchronous detection, can be used independently.
2. The use of high definition LCD with backlit LCD screen, visual process control, continent for user operation.
3. The software automatically set temperature, more accurate and more convenient.
4. Capable fault display alarm.
5. Product with dormancy, buzzer and temperature locking, restore factory setting and functions.

Soldering station:

1. Soldering station with silver alloy thermal conductive materials and thermal conduction mode, high-speed back temperature, only take 10 seconds to boot from greenhouse to 350C.
2. Soldering tip and heater fission design, save cost.
3. The sensor front, high precision temperature control, temperature stability is excellent.
4. Soldering iron is light, comfortable to use.

Suction tin soldering station :

1. Vacuum soldering machine heater with 36 vac output low voltage power supply and the main power supply is transformer isolation, safe and reliable.
2. The built-in vacuum pump, the suction is strong.

Hot air Desoldering station :

1. Intelligent cooling system, automatic shutdown can delay supply, greatly prolong the service life of heater and the handle.
2. Adopt a spiral heater, longer service life.
3. Heat gun handle parts, blow out the air volume is more even and not easy to damage, easy to maintain and store.


Model: Bosskey AV 800
Input : Voltage 220V AC 10% 50/60HZ
Machine Power: 800W (Max)
Noise :

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