• 1. Hassle-free installation with an all-inclusive kit.
  • 2. Easy to maneuver arms.
  • 3. Brushless DC turbine generates large air flow.
  • 4. Very low noise (<60dB).
  • 5. Triple-filter design removes hazardous substances from solder fumes.
  • 6. Pre-filter and main filter can be replaced separately to use the filter to the largest extent & reduce running cost.
  • 7. Built-in air cycling filtering system avoids discharging the cool and hot air to the outside.
  • 8. Air-flow and arms positioning, both are adjustable.

Remote Control from which You can :

  • 1. Switch on and off the system.
  • 2. Increase and decrease Airflow.
  • 3. Stop buzzer.
  • 4. Lock the Control Power.
  • 5. Set Shut down timings.

3 Stage filtering system:

  • 1. Stage I pre-filter: The pre-filter with a large area filters the bigger particles for prolonging the main filter’s life.
  • 2. Stage II + III, HEPA & Gas Filter: Removes the carbon and filter the harmful gaseous substances, and then Outputs the clean air.Activated charcoal which filters these thru its absorption property.
  • 3. Main filter Indicator: The System LED display gives an Indication when it is the time to change the main filter.
  • 4. System choke alarm: The system alarms when the hose or extraction arms need cleaning.
  • 5. Shutting time setting: Shutting time can be set from min.1 Hr to 300 H. Machine will shut down automatically after reaching set time.
Air Inlet Interface 75mm*2 Flange
Number of Workplaces 2
Input Voltage AC220V
Stationary Pressure 2200Pa
Maximum Air low rate 320m2/h
Maximum Power 200W
Air Velocity 2 *11 m/s
Filtering Efficiency 0.3µm 99.97%
Noise level < 60dB
Length of Duct 1.4M
Systematic Flow 2*150m3/h
Dimensions of the main Unit L420*W245*H415
Weight (Excluding the duct) 13kg

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