Gives “Faraday Cage” protection electrostatic discharges.
Metal in type Allows for easy identification of contents without removal. Surface resistivity  10/\ 9 to 5*10/\ 110 OHMS Inside and OutsideESD dispensers are designed with perfect to dispense alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, Ethanol, terpenes and any other liquid applied with a swab, wipe or cotton ball. The dispenser includes a hinged lid to keep out impurities while the container is not in use and the stainless steel parts facilitate the use of aggressive solvents.

A precision valve prevents contents to vaporize and leak. To ensure total purity, the pump Head is sealed with a band.
The material of bottle: HDPE mixed with anti-static compound, ideal for use in EPA and Cleanroom environments. The material of mechanical pump: Stainless steel 
Surface resistance: 10e9-10e11Ω 
Hazardous Material: N/A
Odour: N/A 

Capacity: 120ml, 180ml, 250ml 
Color: Pink, White, Blue, Green

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